Eliminates all virus threats


Eliminates rootkits, worms and spyware

Advanced memory scanning

Prevents malicious processes in computer memory


Effectively filters out spam and scans all incoming emails for malware

There are a lot of bad actors out there trying to destroy your livelihood

Breezit offer powerful protection from all types of viruses and malware.

Antivirus – Viruses that infect your computer can be picked up from many sources. Even the most careful person can accidentally click a link or open a document that leads to infection. Our antivirus software will find viruses and take remedial action.

Scanning all Diskdrives – It is not just your harddrive that can carry malware or viruses. It is important that all devices, especially external disk drives are regularly scanned in order to eliminate threats.

Prevention of Online Threats – Not every web page has been constructed ethically. Some are made to look innocent but contain links that lead to the injection of viruses and malware. Remember, a site that looks as though it is offering something for nothing may make you pay a high price.

Blocking Spam from Emails – The average business user is subjected to a deluge of spam. Our software can eliminate a great fraction of it. Thus making your daily email answering that much easier.

Preventing Accidental Access to “Spoof” Websites – Some websites are designed to look exactly like a genuine government website or online banking website. They are just waiting for you to part with passwords and usernames. Our database of untrustworthy websites will spot many of them and block access.

World Class Firewall Protection – Almost every router is subject to active port scanning. Just on the off chance that there is a way into your private network. Our firewall software will actively close off any undesirable access.

Our software Won’t Slow your Computer – Efficient coding means that that your computer will not be significantly slowed by our antivirus and antispyware programs.

Helps Prevent Identity Theft – Preventing access to untrustworthy websites is a great way to stop unintentional sharing of personal data.

Blocks Phishing Attacks – Not all links in emails are bad but some are very bad. Our approach is to prevent that link from being shown by assigning the email containing it to the “quarantine” folder.

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Breezit antivirus & antispyware

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