Back-up to the Cloud

A simple and inexpensive system

NAS Storage

Network accessible server plus cloud back-up

Secure and Off-site

World class Redtore encrypted service

Don’t risk your business or precious personal memories

Invest in a data backup system appropriate to your needs. Data should be backed-up in such a way as to allow restoration of files from a particular time.

Basic Back-up to the Cloud – There are a number of low cost services that Breezit can help you to set up.

Local NAS plus Back-up to the Cloud – Breezit can set up a compact local Network Accessible Server that can hold back-up files from one or more computers. Regular back-ups of the data are then uploaded to the cloud. Restoration is straightforward even if the local copies are completely lost by theft or accident for example.

Encrypted Off-site Back-up – This is the method of choice for data that contains sensitive information such as mailing lists, personal account access details, and financial records. Breezit offer the world class Redstore powered system.

Read more in the Breezit blog post Back-up, why bother?

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