You want your business to grow and be more profitable. Whilst you are an expert at running your business, as you begin to move online there’s a whole new set of terminology out there that can cause confusion.

One of the first terms you will be faced with when you start thinking about a website is ‘hosting’.

Your website will need both web hosting and domain hosting. Although these are two different things, they are often purchased at the same time.

A domain is the unique address of your website on the internet. In other words, you cannot have a website without first having somewhere for it to ‘live’. A domain can be purchased from a domain hosting service. The hosting service will register it for an annual subscription fee, and you own that domain for as long as you pay the subscription.

Breezit offer a domain registration and a Domain Name System (DNS) management service. To register your domain with Breezit please click here.

Once you have a domain, you will need web hosting in order to build your website. Web hosting is an online service that allows your website to be visible on the internet and involves renting space on a server where all the data and files for your website can be stored.

Your web host is responsible for keeping the server running effectively and ensuring it is safe from malicious attacks. The web host is also responsible for transferring the content of the server to your website so that it functions effectively, ensuring that your web pages load quickly, and your visitors can move easily around the site. Failure to ensure quick loading speeds can significantly impact of the success of your website in connecting with your customers.

There are different types of web hosting available. Shared web hosting means there are several websites being hosted on the same server, whilst dedicated web hosting means each website has its own server. Both types of hosting can be managed on your behalf.

Contact Breezit today to discuss your domain and website hosting requirements.

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