Is your business trading safely?

Do you know if your business website is secure?  Do your customers trust you when they use your website?

Most web browsers warn users immediately if they are viewing an insecure web page.  This alert could lead to viewers quickly leaving your site, particularly if you use your website  for e-commerce.  So if your customers use your site to complete a contact form, buy from you or interact with a booking system you need to take their information and security very seriously.

Even if your website is an information only site, a secure website will promote professionalism and instill confidence in your customers. Think of it as part of building your credibility or “brand”.

So what’s it all about?

Your website is stored in a server and data is passed to a website browser where people will find and learn about your products or services.  If this data is being done via a “http” (or Hypertext Transfer Protocol) website, then any information can be viewed or intercepted by others.

However, “https” stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure and this makes your website more secure for your visitors by encrypting any data exchange between your site and your users. You can think of the “s” in “https” as meaning “secure” and it comes from securing your website with an SSL (secure socket layer) certificate, which adds an extra layer of protection to your site.  Websites that are SSL-secured usually have padlocks or a message that inform users that that site they are using is secure.

So if your website address begins with “http” and not “https” it’s time to show your customer’s that you are serious about their security and contact us today to discuss how we can help.

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