There are many important things to consider in relation to your communication with your customers. Beyond having a name for your business perhaps the next consideration is your logo.

So why have a logo?

Your logo is not just a small image you put next to your name, it is a symbol or design that will be used to identify you or your organisation. As the ‘face’ of your business it is how the company will be recognised and remembered. It should reflect the nature of your business and who you are.

Branding consists of developing and using identifiable visual features as part of your business strategy so that customers instantly recognise your products or services. This can give you a head start in a competitive market place. When you decide on a logo you are beginning to build ‘your brand’.

So how do I start?

The best way to get a logo is have it professionally designed for you. Although it is possible to buy a logo online, it is better to choose a good design service that will speak to you in person about your ideas and take the time to understand what you do and your requirements.

There are several things you need to think about when you start looking at logo design. How simple or complex do you want it to be? To be really effective your logo needs to be used consistently across your business; on your website, email signatures, business cards, online advertisements, office stationery, signage, company literature etc. Think about how it will look at all the different sizes required for these items. Something too complex may be hard to recognise when used on an email or business card.

The width to height ratio is also important; do you need a compact logo or would you prefer one wider than it is high? Consider whether you need the company name in full, or is your business identifiable by its initials. Or maybe a clever image or shape will be enough.

The choice of colours used are very important. Think about what colours are appropriate for your business. Hard bright colours can work well, but it may be that a softer colour palette gets your business message across better. Beware of using too many colours in one logo as this can reduce the overall impact of the image.

Lettering should be easily readable and the fonts used should be chosen carefully and, like the colours should work to communicate the desired image of the business.

Whether you are a new business needing a logo to start your brand or have an existing logo that needs refreshing, our designers will be happy to help. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

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