Email is an essential aspect of how we communicate with each other every day. In both our personal and professional life, it’s hard to imagine now how we would get by without it. However, there’s so much more to consider when putting together a business email as opposed to dashing one off to friends and family.

In your working life your email is an important tool in communicating with your customers. Whether it’s making initial contact, sending more information about what you do, confirming an order, advertising your current promotions or quoting for work, your email is an essential part of marketing your business.

A professionally put together email can make the difference between a contact becoming a customer.

First things first

The first thing that your contact will see is the email title. You want your email to be read so your subject line should immediately tell your contact what your email is about. Include your company name and reason for the email. That way you won’t get overlooked in a busy inbox.

Keep the tone of the email professional and be to the point. No-one wants to wade through lots of text to find the information they need.

Carefully proofread your email as poorly worded sentences or spelling mistakes all reflect badly on your business. Take care to ensure that you have attached all the relevant information. It’s annoying to receive an email with the attachment missing and your customer may move on to a competitor rather than contact you for the missing information.

That extra professional touch

Your email address says a lot about your business. Using a personal email address undermines your professionalism. You have put a lot of thought into your website so don’t let your email address let you down, by ensuring you have a custom email address that reflects your business name. See this as part of your marketing strategy, as you will be reinforcing your business brand every time the email address is used. In addition, a custom email address builds customer confidence and trust.

At Breezit we understand the importance of company branding and that’s why we offer a professional email address on your laptop, computer and mobile, fully synched and ready to go.

Your brand can also be promoted in your email signature by making sure your logo and company details are included at the bottom of every email you send. Don’t have a logo? Our designers can work to your brief and produce a company logo that is just right for you. We can then set you up with a great looking business email footer containing all your details to use every time you contact your customers.

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